Since 1999, A-Z Plumbing has been helping clients with their plumbing problems by offering expert advice and cost-efficient alternatives.

We have been using A-Z Plumbing over many years sorting out any plumbing and roof problems.

In the last 2 years we have been spoilt with the variety of trade contacts A-Z has organized to complete different jobs. A-Z have organized these local tradies to maintain our property in Anglesea. A-Z’s overall home maintenance approach has saved us travelling down to Anglesea to oversee projects and letting tradies in and out of the properties. Payment to the one central body is so much easier as well.

We have been looking for this service for years and are very thankful A-Z is helping us on every issue of maintaining our holiday home.

I have recommended A-Z to many people who are in the same situation of needing local professional trade contacts to doing a job.

Yours sincerely,
Helen & Paul Hearne and family.

Just to let you know how well our new hot water heat pump system is working following the replacement you organised after our old system failed. As usual you organised the changeover with a sense of urgency which included the installation of a temporary hot water system on a Sunday afternoon to get us by.

I have mentioned to you before Noel but I continue to be impressed with the way your business continues to differentiate itself from not only your competitors but also all other trades based organisations I have dealt with over the years.

I refer specifically to the process you have in place whereby you agree with your customer on a time and date when they can expect you or your team and you turn up on time everytime. This reliability you demonstrate means that I never have to chase you and the consistent way you deliver on your promise everytime has meant that I never shop around for lower prices when I need the services you offer.

Value for money, reliability, professionalism are unique characteristics of well run organisations and you demonstrate all of these. Congratulations to you and you team.

I am happy to be an advocate for your organisation anytime.

Kind regards,
Barry Coleman

We have been working with A to Z plumbing for over 15 years. Over that time I have found communication to be one of A to Z’s strong points, this along with quick response times makes the business easy to deal with. Noel and his team will take on a difficult job and enjoy the challenge.

Noel is very good at problem solving especially when it comes to complicated irrigation, stormwater management and water harvesting issues. We have worked together on a number of mysterious plumbing and drainage problems and with his knowledge and ability to not give up the problems have all been solved.

I can recommend the business as a trustworthy operation especially for absent home owners.

Peter Shaw
Ocean Road Landscaping

"A-Z Plumbing should be renamed 'O-S' Plumbing for their Outstanding Service. We have been a client of Noel's since A-Z's inception – we remember him walking the streets delivering home-made promotional pamphlets to get the business up and running – (he markets as well as he plumbs!), and since that time he and his team have established A-Z Plumbing as leaders along the Surf Coast. Noel's experience and advice is invaluable, and the company's service and quality of work is first rate."

W & J Smith Anglesea

Since 2009 we have used the services of A-Z Plumbing for our beach house. Work has included general plumbing repairs and maintenance, gas installation, installa- tion of HWS, total bathroom renovation and roof replacement. Noel and his team are professional and friendly in their approach and their work is of a high standard. They arrive on time and communicate effectively when planning, completing and following up the project. In particular we have appreciated Noel's reliability, his crea- tive problem solving and his focus on preventative maintenance.

Lynne & Brian O'Dea
Jan Juc

Maragret and I have a holiday house in Anglesea that we enjoy as often as we can. Noel Foster and A to Z Plumbing have provided plumbing services to us for over 10 years. The peace of mind in knowing that at the end of the phone is a reliable, friendly and very capable service is really important for “weekend warriors” like us. No matter how large or small the job Noel has always been happy to respond promptly even at weekends.We recently decided to repaint the house and replace our roof and gutters which were looking a little shabby after 20 years of Anglesea weather. Noel managed the job from beginning to end with his usual professionalism and eye for detail and value for money. We are really happy with the result and have Noel and his team to thank for the outstanding workmanship throughout. Margaret and I recommend Noel and A to Z Plumbing unreservedly for all plumbing needs.

John & Margaret Craven

We have been using A-Z Plumbing for many years now. Noel and his team are friendly, reliable and professional. They have worked on our family home in “Old Torquay” replacing the original roof, some of the 50 year old pipes, and updating most of the plumbing. We are more than happy to listen to their advice and suggestions, which is always spot-on. We also have an investment property in Torquay, and have consistently relied upon Noel and the boys to keep everything in good order, including the spouts and gutters, which they maintain through their spout and gutter cleaning service. Just recently we discovered a plumbing issue at 6 p.m. one evening, and Noel had one of his guys around first thing the next morning to fix it. This kind of dedication and commitment is invaluable and it is because of this that we highly recommend A_Z Plumbing.

Mark and Kristine O’Brien

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